The CSA brings together nine very different institutions, universities, museums and commercial entities. The alliance’s activities are overseen by a board with at least one representative from each of the institutions, while the day to day activities are managed by a small Leadership Team. The current Leadership Team and Board Members are shown below:

Leadership Team


In addition to the Leadership Team members listed above, the Board includes:


Our projects live within the ‘Zooniverse’ - the home of Citizen Science on the web. Each is inspired by a research team who provide the initial ideas, the reassurance that what we’re doing can make a real contribution and an audience who are willing to use the end result. These teams represent a wide variety of disciplines, from classicists to climate scientists and ecologists to planetary scientists, and are responsible for identifying appropriate data sets and tasks and for exploiting the results produced by the project. Many projects also have their own developers or educators. These teams of collaborators often include people drawn from beyond the core CSA institutions. Generally, to find out who is involved on a project, click the “about”, “team” or “research” links at the top of a project’s page.